About Us

About Us

In the 21 century due to the multiple challenges, it is not so easy to operate a company or business  to be  long existence.

It can be seen that one company becomes whether  failure  or success which is mainly based on the leaders who have  enthusiastic mental strength, vision orientation, convincing skill  and capability for problem solving upon team members.

The MYMT Company has been established since 1999 after being successful on many challenges and uplifting to the  successful present condition by implementing above qualified  mentioned facts.

The summary of MYMT description is shown below

Our Teams

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.



Today, The company has been  operating for twenty years since it was born and set up as MYMT on December,1999. Our company was started with other name in the early period then we changed in to MYMT. Our company is operated with  more than 130 employees for the time being.

We distribute  FDA recognised drugs (medication) and surgical aids equipment ,Neuro rehabilitation aids from internationally recognised companies.

We  distribute our goods to many places in the country.

Now, our company is distributing more than one hundred fifty items to the over six thousand customers throughout the country. We are also planning for the continuous contribution of  next coming new items to the customers.

We open main offices in Yangon and Mandalay as well as appointing  staffs in Mandalay, Myit Kyi Nar, Lashio, Taunggyi, Kalay , Meiktila , Magway, Monywa, Naypyitaw, Pyay, Pathein, Mawlamyine, Myeik, Sitwe.

We are planning to open more additional branch offices with new employees in seven Regions and States.


The company is to be in the list of Myanmar’s top ten pharmaceutical companies in 2025 along with the commitment to build up a good social community for the country.


Safe and Benefits to Our Customer


  • To produce the responsible and accountable human resources.
  • To use the globally advanced delivery and storage system for the quality-assured medicines at every particular stage in the process in which the products are from being imported until the end users.
  • To enhance the employees of MYMT to be the ethical ones with moral obligations within workplace.
  • To ensure the products of MYMT be the best (place at the top) in comparison of price and quality with any other product.
  • To be a helping hands in educational, health and social matters of company employees to hold a saying “Enjoy what you do & upgrade your competency”
  • To ensure each MYMT employee bring better opportunities related to economic, environmental and social matters of customers located in respected areas.
  • With the purpose of goals to be achieved in 2025, give a hand to every employee to actively participate in monthly programmes.

How do we work in Covid


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